Time off due to coronavirus


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Hi everyone , I am a mobile hairstylist . At the moment have cancelled the next three weeks but fear it’s going to be a lot longer. What I would like to ask is how far in advance have you all cancelled ? Already getting anxious about fitting them all in once this is all over ! But will probably be pleased to be working 7 days a week after self isolating for so long , thanks and stay safe x


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I'm not even broaching the subject until Boris lifts the movement restrictions. No point in booking stuff just to have to cancel and disappoint people all over again.


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I cancelled everyone who had booked.
These bookings went through to June so basically my appointment book is empty for the whole year now.
Even if we are allowed to start up again in say, July or August, clients will be totally revising what they want and when.


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I’ve just told them I’m closed until further notice ...


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I also canceled all entries as it is still not known exactly when quarantine will end. I think it's better not to reassure yourself and others


I’ve just told them I’m closed until further notice ...
I totally done the same said we were Closed and would be until is deemed safe to reopen