Tip and dip acrylic?


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Hello, I’m newly qualified in gel manicures and want to start training in extensions . My budget currently doesn’t quite extend to uv hard gel, and I am quite keen to start learning some kind of nail extensions so I was thinking of doing a tip and tip acrylic course but would like some opinions on this method please and would you recommend it? Thank you :)


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Nope, use the search facility to check, its nearly impossible to create a properly constructed apex and stress area with a dipping system as it sel levels.

Save your money invest in a better system, uou can always trade down later once qualified.


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I use revel dip system and I get a very nice apex! It's not as easy as it looks but if you learn the system it's very good ! Picture isn't good but my nails are wafer thin, and flat as pancakes!



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Thank you for your replies. I have booked onto a hard gel/builder gel course :)