Tis the season - for French application


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It's summer here in Florida and we're doing french application like crazy!!! Out of 16 possible appointments this past weekend, nine clients asked for french! NINE!!!! Are you ready for french application season?

Just wanted to share a little secret I've found. OPI's Matte Alpine Snow. Some of you may already know about it. When I used SG's search feature, I couldn't find it so I thought I'd mention it. It dries quickly, removes easily and leaves a crisp, clean line, especially when tidied up with Nail Fresh.

When you apply a top coat, it shines like glass.

If you have a favorite polish brand, I wonder if their white matte works like this, as well?


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They don't come in matte form, but my favourite for French has always been Essie's "marshmallow" with "sugar daddy"

Or for a more pearly French, OPI's "Kyoto Pearl" with "Passion"


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mine is negligee/ cream puff shellac or regular CND


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They don't come in matte form, but my favourite for French has always been Essie's "marshmallow" with "sugar daddy"
I'm another fan of Essie's Marshmallow. :)


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I do love a French mani!

I usually used OPI Alpine snow but have not tried the matt.

I was unhappy with the results using OPI so as a longshot I picked up one of these kits (here in the UK) to try and I have not put it down since.

The French Review 5-Pack - Kits by Barielle

I am very happy with the end result using this kit and there are two cover pink shades, with two that are traditional transparent style - love it!


Personally I have never been a fan of French applications on fingernails really- think I have seen too many claw like versions to put me off for life :rolleyes: but most of our clients who go for French are now sold on Shellac thankfully.

Alpine snow was the color we used if anyone didn't take the Shellac.


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I must admit to not liking french either...especially on toes. But I'm soaking in all of your recommendations.



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mine have all been french lately too but luckily in gel otherwise id run a mile lol