To invest in normal nail polish or not

Im not sure about investing in normal nail polish as well as gel. I dont even know where to start looking at normal nail polish which are your favourite brands?


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I have used normal polish 2 or 3 times in the last 3 years. I’ve removed it from my treatment list now.
It depends upon which services you want to offer, I specialise in L&P and rarely do gel polish now.


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The only time I use normal polish is very occasionally on toes, but even that is getting less and less common.

Also very occasionally I do pamper parties and use it then.


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Is it just yourself in your salon? Unless you are specializing in classic manicures and you have a returning clientele requesting it - I wouldn't bother. It's hard to have every colour option in essentially a whole new range to keep everyone happy if you won't get many people wanting it. Remember that nail polishes have a shelf life just like anything else - is it worth your investment? If you have one or two clients who REALLY want it - just buy each of them the colour they really want :)


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I have about 10 OPI normal polishes, some of my older clientele don't want gel with a pedi so offer them an OPI. I would get a few classic colours in.

I am just starting up and have got around 12 most popular Vinylux colours and I shall leave it at that. I will spend more on gels and acrylics x


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I am just completing a nail technician course. We started with manicure/pedicure using normal polishes (lacquer). I have just ordered 14 colours and top coat of CND Vinylux. We do not do the gel application course for another 2.5 weeks and will then buy CND Shellac for gel.

If you are going to invest in ‘normal’ nail polish, I suggest getting your hands on some Dazzle Dry if you are in the US. It applies and removes like polish but lasts for 7-14 days, usually more in my clients cases and dries in 5 minutes, no uv light needed. It doesn’t seem to dry out nails like traditional polish. It has a little bit of a learning curve like gel polish but it’s the bomb dignity. I’m obsessed with it, lol. It really is a revolutionary nail product.

Unfortunately i dont live in the US. Ive decided to stick with gel polish for toes not worth the investment especially with the products ive tested. id love a brand that was fast drying and looked good on the nail and also didnt cause nail problems.

I use cnd shellac and I actually have more colours in the Vinylux as they’re much cheaper to buy than the gels so my clients can view the new colours and if they want one of the colours for shellac I can then order it, just saves having loads of shellac bottles that I don’t use! I personally love Vinylux as it dries really quick and it matched the gels. I find I do more Vinylux toes than gel toes as it lasts at least 4 weeks and after that the nails will need a pedi anyway. Not everyone wants gels on their toes (like me) so it’s good to have at least a few in. I only have gel toes for holiday when I know they’re going to get battered, rest of the time I use Vinylux because it’s easier to remove myself and lasts and I find it doesn’t dry my toes out where shellac on toes (soaking off process) can dry out some clients toes. I also find clients who go to the gym or do marathons tend to damage their nails more if shellac is on, I put it on thin but it’s enough to prevent the nail being flexible