Hi, I’ve been HD Brow and microblading trained for 6 years now and I’m contemplating whether to offer henna brows to my clients?

I’m a little confused as to whether my clients will gain much from it as I thought the reason people liked it is because the tint lasts longer on the skin. But I’ve realized whilst looking at the threads on here that it isn’t meant to last on the skin for more than a week and that it just tints the hair for longer? So I just can’t justify spending money on training when I feel it will be no similar to the results that HD brows gives?

Can someone who is Hd brow trained/henna trained please shed some light on this for me as I’m really confused. Or would I be best saving that money to offer the machine permanent powdered/ombré brow method instead?



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I'm a Mina Henna Brow Trainer and I've been Billion Dollar Brow trained for 6 years. BDB is no longer as big as HD but when I trained BDB was "better" than HD. The issue with HD and BDB etc is that the shape is great and clients love it but the tint fades so you sell make-up. The make up is fab but it lasts for ages so sales are slow. Then the client learns how to fill their brows and soon decides that they don't need to pay for an advanced shaping treatment with make up, they might as well have a normal tint and shape from someone good and save the money except for a special occasion.

BDB transformed my business but I hardly do any now. I get better sales from London Brow which is a non peroxide product and doesn't need a patch test. I do a brow area facial with it and charge a punchy £35. Clients love it.

i trained in Mina Henna 18 months ago and I got off to a slow start at first. I took me a while to learn what the product offered compared to a good tint and shape. Eventually I learned that I could transform a fair, fine and wispy brow AND add depth to a strong brow. These are clients who don't love a normal tint because normal tint doesn't make much of a difference, so they usually just buy make up and get a shape. I've upgraded these clients to a henna tint and shape. The return rate is every 4-6 weeks, so I've lost a tiny bit of shaping work from my clients with strong brows but I'm getting clients with fine brows back much more frequently than before, plus I'm getting tinting, so overall, I've gained a lot more income and built up great client loyalty and goodwill.

Now henna is half my tint and shape business and more of my brow work includes tinting than before. Henna has totally revitalised my brow business

My salon rate for a shape is £12.75 but £16 for me. The salon charges £19 for a tint and shape but you can't book me for that service, £25 for BDB, £32 for Mina Henna and £35 for London Brow.

I train a lot of microbladers who have been delighted with Mina and they buy henna sachets off me so I can see how busy they are. They are doing very well - better than any of my other trainees.

I've also noticed that henna boosts brow growth - whether this is because clients aren't putting peroxide tint on their brows or because of some revitalising benefit of henna or a combination, I couldn't tell you. I just see the results.


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I offer HD Brows and Henna brows, a lot of my clients now have the Henna brows rather than the tint but both are still popular.
I offer henna brows training and use brow henna in my training courses purely because it’s the best I’ve used after trying a few brands.
I also use brow henna on my clients. X