Toenail fallen off


Ok another pedicure qustion! one of my clients has always had funny toenails on her little toe where another nail looks like its growing at the side but it isnt another nail. The other day her toenail just fell off and when i done her pedicure the other little nail that was still attached was very loose and about to fall off - would this be an infection of any kind? I didnt think it was a fungus as didn't look like it but the nails are thick.

Had she damaged the nail or worn shoes that were too small and her toe was squashed. this can happen in these cases??


No, i think she just has dodgy little toe nails!! They have always been like it she said, but I can't work out what caused it to fall completely off?! She said that it didn't hurt.

more than likely it is hereditary, i see this alot in clients- do not worry