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Jan 12, 2003
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Hello to everyone here in Geekland,
Watching the board I've been overwhelmed by all of your support :shock:
I just want to let everyone know it's deeply appreciated and has not gone unnoticed :D
your too talented and well respected not to be supported. whats done is done but luckily it not the 'suits' that count. you'll always be an inspiration to us all no matter what company you're with. even more so if you go it alone, maybe become freelance!!!! good luck with whatever you choose next. just be sure to keep us posted

Hi Tom!

What an amazing mixture of tones, opinions & speculations to your news...

I must admit I was suprised; however I know that it is a huge loss for YN.

You are an amazing Nail Tech, and your all of work (within any aspect of the industry), is well respected and deeply appreciated.

I wish you continued success in whatever you choose to do.

I had the pleasure of meeting you and your wife (at CMBS this past February), and watching your incredible work...

I hope to see you in Orlando!

All the best,
tom. tell the truth.

did you sign on to represent another company when you were still employed by young nails? maybe it isn't such a mystery that they let you go. sounds pretty disloyal to me. ?

i just want the real story. and tell the truth b/c i work for the company you signed on with and i know the answer already.

sorry to out you! twisted
The truth :?:
The only one telling stories would appear to be you. Other than young nails I was only working with my agency in LA whom I was with before joining yni. This was agreed upon and welcomed as was the countless mentions in consumer publications from InStyle to Glamour magazine and even TV coverage on VH1(MTV) that they received. :shock:

Please do not attempt to lecture me about loyalty until you walk a day in my shoes or you can back up your story with written proof. I am not here to demean your character and I would appreciate the same consideration.

I am approached weekly with job opportunities as I am sure you are ;) but have never been contracted by two companies at the same time.
But PLEASE by all means out me … I would love to know who I am working for so I can expect a check! :D

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and allowing me to clarify the situation for you. I am sorry to say however, that your company has greatly misinformed you. :oops:
Please dont let the tone of the board become anything other than the very high standard it is.

This is NOT the place to out Tom, we all have to respect that there are commercial reasons behind decisions in all manner of ways. This thread started earlier in the week as Geek was speaking from the heart. Tom introduced this thread to thank the board.


It cannot be used for snide comments otherwise we will lose the support of all these masters of the professions sharing their worik

Good luck Tom, we have all been there!
Thank you
Well said, Cuticles!!

NOne of us will let this board become a place where people can come on simply to cause trouble and as you say lower the high standards that have been set by all. Geek won't let it happen.

Thank you Tom for your reply and for your thanks, we all appreciate it and you for doing it.
tom, i have always admire your work and think you're great. but you're fibbing aren't you? don't worry, i am still a fan and think you're a cutie. I understand you need to continue to portray yourself as a victim. Maybe I would too if I was let go for moonlighting!

its ironic that you bad mouthed your former employer on this board and then say i am demeaning your character. i can be a fan and be objective, can't I? don't be mad sweetie!

we'll talk again because you're going to be working with me, D and when I see you i'll let you know who i am. it will be our inside joke wink

you'll do great things for our line and I am excited to have you on board, even if it is only for a few days each month.

i promise to be good oops
All right... this is getting a little out of hand.

Whilst I enjoy questions being raised in a public forum where both sides can respond... I do question when they are in the guise of someone coming from Spain, but posting from with an IP address apparently owned by Greenberg Traurig, LLP. Arent they a law firm? ;)

Please correct me if I am wrong... Otherwise Im going to get rid of these posts (well, actually put them in a safe place) as it just kind of appears fishy eh?
I am glad you think things can get out of hand. I tend to agree if you catch my drift.
guppyfarm said:
tom, i have always admire your work and think you're great. but you're fibbing aren't you?

ummm... do you want to address this one 'guppyfarm' or shall I?
Hmm cant seem to find where Tom said anything bad about anyone :)

All i seen was him thanking everyone for there loyalty and support, which i'm sure that alot of us have been doing silently even though we don't know Tom personally.

Personally all i have seen is a true professional handle the situation in a truly professional and dignified manner. Its a pity what i'm sure must be jealously eat at the truth.

This board is the most informative and friendly place i believe to be in existence and i'm sure many many of us wouldn't be where we are today without the true professionalism of the many members that belong here.

This is truly a place of learning respect and admiration and as always true professionalism always shines through.

I must say in the many many months i have been here there has never been any negativity here and that is what always keeps me coming back again and again. I admire and respect how informative and respectful all of the members that belong here are, i just hope some of the newest members will take heed and help to keep this place what it is, a learning and communication tool for us all to enjoy and learn. :)

Kerrie :)
Well said there Kerrie ...............

This board is for learning, understanding systems, trouble shooting Nails................
It's a board for professionals by professionals....................

It's about supporting each other....................
There is no place for troublemakers here.................
or fishy goings on............. Like my Mum has always said............. If you aint got nothing nice, constructive or interesting to say.........shut up .......
or if it's of a personal interest to just one person then please use the Privat messaging link or email the person direct..............

Love Ruth xxxxxxx
Cheers chicks...

Nicely said.

Just remember that not everyone is as they appear to be in cyberland. Guppylad does not work in the industry at all. There is no way guppyboy would be working with Tom in any way shape or form... Tom's qualifications are in a very different field all together. Gupmaster has also happily admitted to purposly trying to stir the pot...

Dont worry... doubt we will hear from him again. ;)

Now... unless anymore hoopla wishes to be slung about... Im back off to the pool to attempt to recapture my well earned vacation.

Best wishes to you all.
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