Toner help

My balayage has gone a yellowish colour and I’m wanting to tone to more of a caramel colour...
I’m trained in igora and have slight knowledge with L’Oréal but could anyone give me any ideas of what to use? I’m not wanting to darken it now so still looking to stay on the same base. Also should I be using a semi?

Below is a picture of mine and the goal in mind



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The picture on the right is probably a level 4 whereas yours looks like a 7 at its darkest so not sure how you can get to your target colour without going darker?

Are you talking about the root colour looking like a level 4?

I’m only talking about the balayage here and to me that looks like a base 8 on the ends so would be willing to drop down to that level to achieve


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If you go lower than an 8 you’ll need to pre-pig. Have you looked at any colour swatches against your hair? Caramel is a warm tone and I think it will just look odd with your current hair colours unless you add a couple of different tints and blend them.