Too dark toner help


Hi, I had a Joico 8NW toner put on my hair which was a level 10 to tone the bright blonde down to a darker blonde and it’s gone brown!
I told them I didn’t like it and it was too dark and they did a clarifying shampoo on my hair and it did nothing.
What’s my next steps please? My friend suggested a bleach bath, and my co worker suggested highlights.
I’m really upset as brown just doesn’t suit me and not what I expected at all.

Any advice would be fab thanks x


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Joico 8NW is level 8 not a 10 so that was their first mistake. You choose a toner on the same level as the hair.
Is your co-worker not long qualified as it’s an odd choice of colour to just tone down a highlight and then to suggest adding highlights is fairly bonkers.

Your friend sounds more sensible.