Too terrified to start business

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Trying to be positive but I have no clients from college work Massage/aroma/reflex level 3 and now doing level 2 beauty to help me start out but don't think I'm going to get anywhere and I don't really know anyone where I live. I feel too scared to start my business and my head feels like it's spinning from trying to think of a way forward but I know I need to do it. Arrhh.

Any suggestions as I have been trying to pick myself up after a career change due an awful experience at work in a different industry.


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Sounds tough. Can you try setting yourself small goals rather than trying to do everything at once so focus on one treatment that you really enjoy doing and advertise for case studies initially until you get your confidence.


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Why not go and get some experience in a Salon instead? That time with other therapists will help build your confidence in performing the treatments and the experience in how to deal with difficult customers and how to build regular clients. That will help massively for when you are ready to work for yourself. Don’t try and rush into being your own boss, because you have to have a lot of resilience as well as being a good therapist and it may be that you aren’t quite ready yet.

Thanks for your replies, I think it sometimes helps to get the opinion of others and small goals sounds good. Hopefully I'll be able to find somewhere to work without feeling out of my depth. Advertising for case studies also sounds a good idea. Many thanks xx