Top coat for normal polish?


Has anyone found a good base and top coat for normal polish?I use OPI but not a great fan I like the colours but the top coat isn't too great

Thanks x

Bel's Gels

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Seche Vite

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Seche vite for me too!


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Cuccio base
Cuccio 7 second top coat.





Linda Mcconnell

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I’ve used opi top coat and I’m not a big fan. I find it takes so long to dry. I’ve recently changed to Morgan Taylor and love it


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Seche has toluene in. The main sources of toluene pollution are petrol (gasoline) and cigarette smoke. The exposure you experience whilst painting nails is so tiny it's not considered an issue. Toluene is in a lot of indoor cleaning products and fragrances, printer ink as well as paint products so if your ventilation was inadequate you could have an indoor pollution problem - in which case open a window.

Plants are known to reduce indoor pollution levels to acceptable limits, some plants are more effective than others. As all cleaning products, polish remover etc create air pollution and so do people (!) I keep a selection of healthy plants in my salon to help keep the air as clean as possible. I've done a lot of research into the varieties that I can keep alive and which scrub the air clean.

If you are worried about chemicals in nail products you can look for 3 free brands which will be toluene free. Cuccio is now 10 free and leaping bunny certified which is good to know. Last time I checked OPI wasn't a cruelty free brand - but brands are updating all the time, so best to double check. There is a search function on leaping