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What topical anesthetic are people using before microneedling/mesotherapy I know Emla can be used but dont want to add 30mins on to a treatment
I'm looking for something that I can use more or less straight away ,I've seen mesoskinline have meso pain reduce & wonder if theres something similar as I dont use their product (I'm using a different range) & would need to set up an opening order with them which I cant do at the min as it's a lot of money to invest again in a product
If anyone has any suggestions be much appreciated


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I use a rather expensive but really good made to order German cream. It goes on clear and a very thin layer so a little goes a long way. It also means that they can sit in reception without looking ridiculous (I even walked 15 mins from one clinic to another with cream on - no strange looks). I'd ask them to simply use a facial wipe to get some basic makeup off; the cream can penetrate through; do a proper cleanse after. Usually works within 15-20 mins. A UK alternative is Pliaglis. Again very expensive. Not sure if these things require a prescription though. DM me if you need deets of the German place.


Do check with your insurance company and local authority. There's been a huge shift away from application of topical anaesthetic. I was only insured to use Emla. I now needle without topical anaesthetic with great results. With topical it can cause vaso-constriction so you have to needle deeper and many local authorities have banned the use. You can get the client to buy their own and apply before they arrive.

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Emla and Ametop are the only ones licensed for use as category P (Pharmacy) in the UK. This means clients can obtain it from the pharmacy if they wish without a prescription. However, it's easier said than done. If you tell the pharmacist you're having anything aesthetic done they usually refuse. If you use anything that isn't licensed by the MHRA you can be prosecuted for the importation of medicines without a license. Local anesthetics are incidentally vasodilators with the exception of cocaine. They directly act on the smooth muscle fibers within blood vessel walls. This is how you can tell if it has worked. You will get a local hyperemia where the cream has been applied. For Emla to have any use it needs to be under an occlusive dressing for a minimum of an hour. For Ametop 45 minutes. Although Ametop takes less time there is more chance of a reaction because it is an ester-type that breaks down to PABA and this can trigger allergic reactions in some.

We do teach the use of local anesthetics on some of our courses, but we also issue a separate certificate in local analgesia and pharmacology if we do.

In my opinion you shouldn't need to use LA's for microneedling. If you need them, your doing it wrong!

Hope this helps