trade test

I've been asked by a Beauty Salon to come in and have a trade test. I will be qualified by the end of June and just wondered what sort of thing they will ask me to do.
Any information that you can give me or tips would be great.
Many thanks

I had to do a trade test at a nail bar i had to do a manicrue and a pedicrue . you will be ask to do a treatment. Just be your self and relax when doing the test.

good luck :green:


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It can be anything really :green:

I remember having to do a Back Massage & File & Polish at both salons I worked at.

They may ask you to do some waxing but it usually depends on the system they use.

My advice would be honest about treatments you do/don't like or aren't that confident in. Most employers will understand and want to help build your confidence and the ones that don't, well would you want to work for them anyway ?

Good luck with it you will be fine :hug: