Training from The Beauty Academy


I am looking to start a career in the nail industry after being a stay at home mom for the last 8 years! I have been racking my brains the best way to start off and from reading many many posts I decided it's best to train with the company I want to use. I think I have decided on cnd and also ink london. I am planning on starting off with just gel polish then adding sculpted gel extensions eventually.
But I have also been looking into calgel which require a manicure cert to start training.
So I have decided to do a mani pedi course to start with then do the conversion courses for the 2 I want to train in. I have come across the beauty academy who do a mani pedi course that is 1/2 hour train journey away. Please can someone tell me if this course is ok in terms of training with cnd, ink london (Can I do conversion course after getting this cert) and if it's ok from an insurance point of view.
Sorry for the long winded post but I have been doing a lot of research and need the best options to fit around my 4 month old!

Just to add I have been doing my own nails for the past 6 years. Will try to attach pic but it's saying file is too large

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I did the mani and pedi course and the gel polish and film overlay course with them about 6 years ago. I then went on to train with CND and bio sculpture - not sure if the accreditation is the same as it was when I did it so check the accreditation and then phone sweet squared to see what they say. It's the accreditation that insurers will be interested in also x