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Mar 22, 2012
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north devon
hey, i'm looking to do my level 2 this year, or get into an apprenticeship this year!! only thing is im 23 years old and have rent to pay, so cant afford to be on a apprenticeship really, only if were skint and my partner pays alot for the next couple years!! lol

Was just wandering if theres anyone out there along the same lines, how much do you generally get on an apprenticship wages, as ive done level 1 and no basic cuts and colours already, do you get more the more skilled you are or is it a set wage??

Do you think it would be worth me taking some pics of the work i can do and putting a portfoilio of the skills ive already got!??
I can cut hair really well when i was outta college, but at college just fell apart! pressure or summit i dunno! x

thank you guys, i love this site, so much info :) xx

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