Treatments for Wimbledon?

does anybody put on special treatments/offers with wimbledon coming up
any treatments that might be more popular for this
I love Wimbledon! I'm mobile, but at the start of this month I sent out a mass email with some pics of Wimbledon themed nail art I did last year, and 10% off all appointments booked the week before Wimbledon (this week) and a further 10% off voucher (valid this week only) for them to pass on to a friend.

As a result I am now fully booked from tomorrow until Saturday! And have 5 new clients booked in.
I try not to do too many offers, and usually stick to this kind of thing, aiming at regulars and getting in some recommendations!

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Blue Rose

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I've sent out a load of Strawberry products this week to play on the Strawberries & Cream theme that Wimbledon is also synonymous with.

When I had my salon we did LOADS of the Strawberry themed treatments :)