Trial day

Hi I’m hoping someone could share some advice I’ve been offered a trial day at a salon on Saturday, as an apprentice the lady who owns the salon asked me to Write down some questions to ask her when I come in on Saturday I’m soo nervous about this and it’s something I’ve wanted too do for a long time , I just don’t wanna mess this up :/


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Start and finish times
What products they use
Paid cash or into bank account
Is it an on line booking system or appointment book
What daily tasks will you have to complete before finishing your working hours
What days will be your set training hour days
What will they start your training with , shampooing ,blow drying , reception etc
How often will you have your review
Who is responsible for your one to one training
What day will you go to college
What day will you have off
How long has their salon been there
What is popular service in their salon
Do they do competition work
- I’m sure they will tell you all this and your questions will come naturally as they go through things with you ,Good Luck