Trouble removing Shellac


Just wondering if anyone else has a problem when removing Shellac. The shiny part of polish coming off fine but then leaves a residue thats stuck fast to nail. I use Dsolve and leave on 10 mins but must be doing something wrong cos I no it should come off easily with no scraping. Trying to take rest off with pad and dsolve. Any ideas to try would be appreciated.



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It sounds like you may be applying your base coat too thick. It should be applied so so thinly otherwise its hard to remove.

It should remove easily after the 10 minutes, if not do as you are doing and re-wrap.


Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Zooks is so right. If this is happening then it is a sure sign that your shellac base coat has been applied too thickly ... a little goes a long way and your brush should look almost like it has nothing on it when you go to apply it. Have you attended a Shellac Class? Its hard to remember everything said, but applying a thin base coat is fundamental for a good Shellac service as well as quick removal.