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So I am making this thread in the hope of helping all beginners and experienced technicians...

Trouble Shooting:

1. The client rings you to tell you that her tan has gone streaky.
  • This is a common problem that I feel like we all hear from time to time, and there are 2 reasons for this: The client has used a razor with a moisturising strip or bar on them and this creates an oily barrier and so the water based solution cannot stick to the skin. Funnily enough this only seems to happen on the legs as they are the most common area to be fully shaved.If the client has no other option, tell them to exfoliate their legs after shaving to rid all the barrier and this also helps to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • BODY SCRUBS. These are the absolute worst!!! They are oily and create a full barrier and so completely stop the tan working in every area they were used. When making an appointment with the client tell them to use gloves and body wash only!
  • Moisturising shower gel and soaps. These are notorious products that clients are using before their tan app and they are creating a barrier aswell...
  • When she rinsed she used shower gel, soap, shampoo or conditioner. The tan is extremely sensitive when the bronzer has been rinsed and using these products only ruins the tan. Sometimes they forget they have a fast tan on so it's important to remind them.
  • Before the client had her tan app she used moisturising products and didn't wash them off prior to the app.
  • The client says that the tan didn't take. If this happens ask her what didshe use to wash instead of rinse?
2. The clients tan has gone patchy.

  • This happens because the client doesn't usually moisturise unless she has a tan to keep it on. It is important to moisturise everyday for atleast a week before the tan to ensure even coverage. If the client has a skin condition such as Psoriasis, Eczema, dermatitis or dry skin in general it is a good idea to have a consultation and thorough examination of the skin before the tan app.
  • This also happens because the client has not exfoliated properly. This is essential to the even coverage of the tan.
  • Another reason for this is if a pale skin client requests a dark or ultra dark tan, this will have a very patchy and scaly fade of, because the colour difference of the pale skin and dark tan.
3. The tan hasn't taken.

  • This happens as the body will tan dark in certain area's and not others. This also happens with a natural tan. The skin doesn't take the same colour all over and this is why some clients will notice the tan didn't take on their legs, chest, neck, stomach. Some clients may require two sprays as in get a full body wait 8 hours rinse then come back for a second spray on the legs. For example my arms tan dark brown but my legs require two or three sprays to be nearly the same shade as my arms.
  • Not every person's skin will accept the colour as well as other's and it's important for the client to know this as they will expect it to happen and not blame us.
4. The tan is fading of patchy.

Now this is for 2 reasons:

  • The quality of tan solution is low quality. This results in uneven fading, patchy fading, scaly skin, dry rough areas, orange tan results.
  • This is also a result of dry skin. If the client doesn't moisturise this will happen. So this also helps for retail products!
  • Never directly spray the armpits.
5. When you are spraying the client you are using too much solution:
  • The only reason this is because the dial on your gun is up way to high. The best way to see you are spraying to much is that you will see when you start spraying that the tan is beading or dripping on the skin. These are indications that your dial is up to high. Spray tan should never drip or bead on the skin but should sit nicely. Sometimes beading is normal but we don't need it. From an average 1litre bottle we should be getting atleast 15 clients out of one litre bottle.
  • This is a common problem and is easily resolved allowing you to get more product for your money. The average solution to use per client is 50ml only. If you are going over this you are getting overspray and eating into your profits. Make sure to keep your dial airflow really low.
  • Always make sure to clean the foam filter on the top of your motor as this sucks in air from the room and also tan. When you clean the filter you will see all the tan rinse out. If the filter isn't cleaned regularly then the tan will start shooting out of the wire at the back of the machine.
6. Accessories
  • I really enjoy using sticky feet as this allows the client to stand in a tent that other people have stood in and they won't get infections on their feet, so sticky feet add a layer of protection against infections for the client and also protect their soles from tan. I see alot of technicians don't use them but they really are protection above all else.
  • Barrier cream. Some technicians feel like this isn't necessary but in fact it doesn't just stop the tan from developing in dry area's but also creates a smooth layer for the tan to develop seamlessly just as if the skin has been moisturised.
As for machines, I realized I didn't answer that here. Apologies.

The best machines to use are HVLP machines, these are high volume low pressure. Which means they shoot out powerful air allowing you to do a full body in 10 mins.
I've seen a lot of comments regarding other machines where the dial is fixed with numbers, a lot of techs don't like these as you can't get the right setting to spray, it's either to much or too little. With a HVLP machine, mine is Sienna X but any HVLP machine is the same, the gun allows you any setting you like. I do 4 full bodies in 30 mins with this machine, it's small and perfect for mobile!
I've noticed some solutions shoot out the back of the machine but you must keep the machine away from the tent. Always clean your filter and make sure the bottom of the tent is tan free to avoid clients slipping.

As for beginners, you will use more solution than experienced techs, but this will come with experience. Practice is key.

Any questions I will answer so please comment!

Happy Spraying!!
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Hair And Tanning

Here is a link to a YouTube video I made answering the questions above




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Really helpfull hun thankyou x


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Ash, is the LA tanning HVLP machine any good?


Hair And Tanning


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Can beading on just the chest and belly be due to this HOT weather? Clients body being hot! It’s fine everywhere else? xx


Hair And Tanning
Can beading on just the chest and belly be due to this HOT weather? Clients body being hot! It’s fine everywhere else? xx
yes, it's also because the skin here is very thin and the same on the shins where the skin is very thin spray tan beads.


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Thanks for taking the time to write this, very helpful info, I just done my course on sunday so very new to it all


Here is a link to a YouTube video I made answering the questions above


These Youtube videos are saying unavailable when I try and watch them. Is it Youtube or is it me?