"Trying on" a new hairstyle

Now I don't know whether I've dreamt this or something, or whether this sort of thing actually exists...

Have you seen those computer packages that they have in some opticians where they upload a photo of you and try out different frame styles to see what would suit you best?

Is there a salon equivalent? I'd go blonde if I could actually "try it on" first!

becki x

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There is a site (don't know the name though) :rolleyes: I have never used it :lol:

There are many different shades of blonde,one for almost every one,a great consultation with a colour technician would be much more beneficial imo,hth's .
Yes there is a site i dont know if you have to pay or not to use it :irked: but my friend has a picture up on her myspace with all diffrent shades of hair colours, il try and find out the name for you


Yeah its ok, you can create a free 3d image by uploading a pic of yourself, but the hairstyles are limited and a bit rubbish unless you pay. Its $19.99 for one month! I'll keep looking as I need a new do!


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There is a site where you can upload a pic of your self and try out hundreds of hair styles for free, sorry i don't know what it is called but it is advertised on the back page of hairdressers magazines that they have out for you to browse, I'm sure if you go to your hairdresser and ask she will know of the site