TS20 dial setting

For those of you who have a TS20 machine, can you tell me what setting you have the density dial on please for best results? I know they have no markers but my technical term is like a clock, so say 7pm or 5pm depending on where the line is, if that makes sense? Thank you


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About 9 o'clock, but to be honest it can vary depending on the brand of tan you're using. Try it out on sheets of couch roll to make sure enough is coming out but not too much that it spots.

Thank u! I've always had it on 7'oclock and it's been fine but using a new tan and I just cant get it right! The colour comes out fine on couch roll but on the skin theres hardly any guide colour and not much there when its washed off. I've been assured by the tan company theres nothing wrong with the solution so must be my gun setting. I've thoroughly cleaned my gun so it's not that, I just need to get the setting right I think. I've turned it up to 5pm but it's made no difference?! So annoying!


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Have you got any of your other tan left to try that again and see if it still works ok with that? That way you should hopefully be able to work out if it is the gun that's the problem or not.