Unaccredited trainer-please help!

I went on a course that was marked as ABT accredited, the trainer that taught me was not credited. My question is if the teacher is not accredited but the owner who is accredited issued the certificated even tho she did not teach me, is that legal? and is my certificated valid? hope this makes sence


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I'd be raising it directly with ABT for clarification. It certainly doesn't sound right


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There are no legal requirement that have to be met when offering this type of training.

Accreditation simply means that the training company has paid an insurance company to provide accreditation in order for their students to purchase insurance from the insurance company upon completion of the course. Students may find that they cannot purchase insurance elsewhere and so might be tied to one insurance company.
You’d need to check with ABT whether they require the person teaching the course to be accredited with them directly.

Accreditation in this way does not guarantee any minimum level of quality or competence so you should always carefully check any online recommendations before booking the course. These types of courses are not equivalent to a longer course such as an NVQ/VRQ in Nail Technology etc. but tend to focus on a specific sub topic such as Gel Nails. However, depending on the trainer, they can sometimes provide more in-depth training on that particular topic and be good value for money.

With most training courses, your only redress through the courts is from breach of contract/misrepresentation.

thanks for the replys...i rang ABT and they said if i got trained by an un-accredited teacher then my certificate is invalid.....the trainer needs to be credited :/


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In that case, contact the training company (in writing) and request a refund for breach of contract because ABT have advised you that your certificate is invalid.


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If they get funny about it you may also want to quote the "misrepresentation at 1967" at them too! If you need any advice drop me a message.

I have a friend who is a solicitor and im seeing her Thursday, I’ve started righting a letter and I’ll put both points down, thank you for your advice I hope this gets sorted out