Unhappy with Nouvatan, very orange & have had a few complaints

Hi everyone im new on here this is my first post iv been using nouvatan but a few of my clients have complained its very orange and to be honest i have thought that myself for a few weeks i really need to change my solution has anyone tried minetan or vani-t and what do you think thankyou

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What were their skin types and what % did you use?

One was fair medium skin toned i used 10% the other medium skin toned wanted to go darkish so used the 12% this was within a week i dont know if its a bad batch iv only been using nouvatan for a few week as wasnt happy with a certain other brand this is why iv asked about minetan or vani-t as i know a lot of people seem happy with these brands i know there on the more expensive side but would rather pay that bit more and have my clients return

VANI-T is amazing, its foolproof. All my clients love it. x

Going to offer both iv ordered the maroccan and coconut in mine tan and velocity in the vani-t got my mum and a few friends to try it on first will let you know how i get on thankyou

Hi, for fair skin tones, I would recommend an 8% and for a medium skin tone, I would recommend a 10%.
The DHA in the product is an active ingredient that reacts with the amino acids and proteins on your clients skin. If a percentage of DHA is used that is too high for them, it can create a tan that looks orange. I would definitely recommend giving the 8 and 10% a go to see if that makes a difference. If you are still concerned about the results and you want to talk it through, I would recommend contacting the nouvatan office who will be more than happy to have a chat about this. Please let me know you need any further help or advice. Xx

Well i tried the velocity vani-t and omg this has got to be the worst stuff iv ever used and iv now tried lots it goes on thick and very sticky i stood drying for about 20 mins it would not dry after an hour i had to wash it off i would normally leave a rapid on for atleast 3 hours strange how lots of people like it and the cost is not cheap iv got my bottle on ebay only used 50 ml 1000ml bottle im going to stick with minetan its out of this world it dries in seconds dont even need to stand drying client no patchiness comes out a lovely natural olive brown colour loving it iv actually found my solution this was the moroccan minetan and coconut the moroccan is just a little darker then coconut but im going to offer both thanks guys xx

Thats weird because none of my VANI-T tan is like that. The tan dries very quickly. Do you think you've bought a bad batch? with it being on eBay? xx


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Thats weird because none of my VANI-T tan is like that. The tan dries very quickly. Do you think you've bought a bad batch? with it being on eBay? xx
The thing about buying professional products via eBay, is that you can never 100% guarantee that they’re authentic.

Is there any particular reason @Lulumillie (apart from price), that you decided against buying directly from Nouvatan?

Or did you mean you've put it on eBay to sell?
Have you got your settings right on your gun? Theres no way that my solution comes out like that. xx


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Minetan coconut is a lovely colour and reasonably priced. Just need to make sure you have enough stock as delivery is slow.
I was discussing minetan with someone who has a tanning salon and she said the solutions are all very similar colours so I haven’t bothered ordering others.

I didnt buy it off ebay i would buy any solution off ebay as you can not gaurentee it well it could be a bad batch i sapose as it was horrible thick and sticky i have my gun and machine on the same setting all the time iv got the pro v and have gun on 2-3 machine i press up three times all other solutions iv tried have dried so its defo not my settings yes minetan is amazing best stuff iv tried iv tried them all trust me its like u dont even need to dry the skin it just soaks staight in brill stuff just glad i tried it the only other solution iv not tried is bondi beach thankyou

I found the moroccan to have a bit more of a red tinge then coconut i find coconut a little more golden brown but not to golden xx


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Hi just to let you know there must of defo been something wrong with the vani-t as i called the company i bought it from i thought why should i pay all that money if something isnt right with it i took it off ebay as i new i wouldnt even get a quarter back what i paid iv returned it for a full refund the lady said it shouldnt be really oily and sticky but she took it back no questions very helpful to be honest and also sent me a couple of free samples including the vani-t velocity haha so i cant wait to see if it was a dodgy bottle im asuming it must of been as a lot of people like it !!!


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I was very surprised that you didn't like it. Its good you made the company you bought it from aware and that you got a refund. Keep us posted when you've tried the sample. xx