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Can any UV lamp really cure any UV polish?

Repeatedly wearing un-cured polish is a recipe for an allergic reaction.

Many unprofessional technicians think they know better than the chemists and are offering manicures that they call CND Shellac, but that is actually a fake service because they are not using the CND UV lamp to cure the manicure. They are putting both themselves and their clients' health at risk by under-curing the colour. The only UV lamp that is guaranteed to completely cure CND Shellac is the CND UV lamp.

For all who think that any old UV lamp cures CND Shellac? Maybe this will open your blinkered eyes.

All these nails in the photo have been coated with CND Shellac followed by just one half of the nail being coated with CND Shellac Top Coat. Each nail was cured in a different brand of UV lamp and the total curing time was 4 minutes in the lamp; 2 minutes for each coat as per lamp manufacturers instructions.

When the nails were removed from the different lamps, they were each wiped with 99% isopropyl alcohol.

As you can plainly see, only the side of the nails that were top coated survived the wipe with alcohol on the nails that were 'cured' in the non-CND UV lamps. Where top coated, the top coat held the uncured colour on the surface but as can be seen, the colour coats did not cure at all (even after 4 minutes!!) and were wiped off clean by the Alcohol.

I repeat, uncured gels are a hazard and repeatedly exposing clients to uncured gel can cause allergic reactions.

The only nail that was completely cured in this experiment, was the 4th test nail which was CND Shellac cured in the CND UV lamp.

Make sure that the technician that says she is offering you a genuine CND Shellac service is using the CND branded and logoed UV lamp and CND branded and logoed Shellac colours and top and base coats.

If you don't see CND on the label of the polish and on the top of the UV lamp then you are being lied to and paying for both a bogus and potentially dangerous service.]

Here is the full video
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Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Worth seeing again?? Judging from what I read I would say there are still plenty of people out there who still think they know better!! :smack: