Very oily hair - hair extensions help

Hi, I fit a mother and daughter at the same time. Both have followed aftercare to a tee! and purchased and used shampoo and conditioner. The daughter is loving hers and non have come out but within 2 weeks the mother has lost loads, i mean loads! The only thing i can think of is she has exessively oily hair and this could be breaking sown the bonds. What do you think? Is there anything i can suggest to her? would dry shampoo help at all?
Or is there an extension method she would be more suited to.
thanks alot

What bonds/method are you using? Both Mirco Ring and Indian Keratin Bonds will slip if her hair is very oily, I'd only recommend prebonded Italian Keratin for this type of client x

Hope this helps x

iv used pre bonded but it was normal indian keratin! so thank you i will try find a supplier who uses italian keratin bonds.
thanks for you advise xx

Only 'budget' suppliers I know of with Italian keratin is Foxy or Bonita xxx