Want to get back into nails after bad training


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Jan 1, 2011
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Hi all. About 2 years ago I did a course in acrylic nails. They have us opi l&p to train with. The teacher wasn't great and some of our class mates where loud and ruined most lessons for us. I got my qualification in the end, somehow managing to be one of the top in the theory part! I think it was a vtct. The only thing is I was in the process of moving house and they sent the qualification along with my work folder which had my practice nail art tips in there to the wrong address. So firstly I need to buy my qualification which I never received! Most of my classmates and myself were not happy with the course or the product we learnt with and the whole thing was a waste of money and time! Anyway I want to get back into doing nails but just don't know where to start.. I don't want to be with opi anymore and I don't have a lot of money to spend on training. I've been tempted to buy the 'sina gel nail products' off eBay but you can never trust those type of products especially off eBay! How much would a Cnd conversion course cost?! Or should I start doing gel nails? If so is there a cheap course on doing those? I don't really want to do a full course again because 1. Money 2. I already have the knowledge and skill And 3. I have a young baby and another on the way so don't have much time on my hands. Any suggestions? I wish I complained to my college about the course but think after 2-3 years its a bit late in bothering with that.

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