Wax residue on skin - best remover?

Hi guys, what product would you waxing geeks say is the best for removing wax residue from the skin after waxing???



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for little bits i use vaseline,but im sure lots of other people will use different stuff


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Oil! :green:

Any kind of massage or skin-safe mineral oil will work great, Karen. Apply a liberal splash, massage into the skin, leave for a minute and then wipe firmly over the area with a paper or fabric strip.

The combination of oil and friction from the strip will take off the wax like a dream, but don't rub back and forth like a crazy or you'll irritate the freshly waxed skin - just wipe firmly in one direction a few times until the residue comes off.

Follow with a cleanser to remove any oily film (your pre-wax lotion will be fab) and then an after-wax lotion if desired.


Andy x


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I'm with Andy...... it's oil all the way for me!! I even use oil to remove wax that I've dropped in my clothes... brings it out like a dream!!

I use clean and easy pre wax oil which is fab! But any oil will do the trick.


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Oil for me too:hug:

Thanks guys! Looks like the answer is Oil! x


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So will oil remove dripped wax from a carpet too? :o

Zo Zo

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So will oil remove dripped wax from a carpet too? :o
You could try putting some blotting paper or maybe brown paper, actually maybe a wax strip(?) over the wax and then ironing it ???

Don't have the iron too hot though, esp if it's a synthetic carpet. I once melted a carpet doing this :eek:


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So will oil remove dripped wax from a carpet too? :o
Is it hard/hot wax, or soft/strip wax, Debs?

Zoe's ironing trick works really well with soft strip wax, but try and get as much out with oil as you can first. If you've got the Perron Rigot equipment solvent, a tiny amount of that works well too - but use sparingly and test it on a small area first to make sure it doesn't remove the colour from your shagpile! :D

gillian w

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I personally use oil but if you do want to try something specific the best i have found is gigi wax off which is a thick oil based cream with aloe vera and essential oils.

My salon owner refuses to buy a solution to remove wax after a treatment. I can't stand it because my clients are never happy and feel sticky.
My owner says that I should be able to remove every bit of wax with the strips, but this wastes time and irritates the clients.

Is there anything around the spa that would do the trick?

Someone mentioned vaseline, we have a bit of that. What about the massage oil, will that work? (ps: it is refrigerated)

Blue Rose

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Massage oil shouldn't be a problem, but in fear of showing ignorance here, why is the oil kept in the fridge? I should hope it's warmed up before you did a massage - I wouldn't fancy being a client otherwise with cold oil going on.

I only started working at this spa 2 months ago so I dont really know...

I always warm it up with my hands first hehe otherwise your right, that would not be a very pleasant massage! lol

But you know, I never really asked about that.... does oil expire? lol maybe it expands its lifespan? hhmmm