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Apr 24, 2005
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Hertforshire, England
Okeedokee, you may have twigged by now that waxing is not my strong point! A friend asked me to wax her bikini area last week as she was going on holiday. I felt she might be a challenge for me as she has dark thick hair.

My first mistake was probably deciding to use warm wax due to the thickness and density of her hair which extended from the usual bikini line to right into her crotch area and upper inner thighs.

I cut and trimed as best I could but was not happy at all with the wax job I did. I some how managed to get wax onto areas I was not planning to wax as I was not performing Hollywood :eek:!

I was taught the figure of 4 position for waxing bikinis but find that this does not necessarily allow for enough stretch of skin by either client or myself when applying and removing wax. My neighbour visists a salon which apparently has her doing acrobats to achieve the ideal waxing positions for quick and effective removal. I'm thinking of booking myself in to see if I can learn anything, lol.

Where am I going wrong. What lengths do you go to to achieve an excellent and thorough bikini wax?


Jan 27, 2007
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One good tip I was given to avoid getting wax in areas where you don't want it - is to get an orange stick and use it to create a 'parting' in the hair and then tuck all hair you want left either under the pants or cover with a tissue/wax strip held by the client. That way you also get a nice neat wax too.

Oct 16, 2007
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Cheltenham, England
I've just started working in a salon and the owner's suggested that the client not go figure of four, but just "roll" leg outwards, but still lying flat so that I do the outside of the hair, then client can help stretch her pubic mound area over and you can do the bit next to pubic mound, then client puts leg out a little, but not whole figure four position and client holds top of thigh and pulls over (outwards and upwards) so I can get good thin application of wax on that bit and then I stretch and rip, then client gets leg up to chest and holds with opposite hand under knee, and with same side hand holds skin pulling outwards from underneath, that allows me to get the "undercarriage" and outer bottom part easily, along with my stretching the skin all times whilst ripping strip off, and of course the thinner and even layer of wax the better, you may try smaller areas at a time on the "tricker" corner type bits. Hope this helps, loads love Teresa

gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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When you get the whole ball of wax dvd that should help you a lot you are soon on the list arn't you .Even though she is using film wax its more similar to hot wax than strip.
You dont actually have to do a figure of 8 with hot wax just go against the hair i do a figure of 8 to cover larger areas or if the hairs in a swirl but in a straight area i dont think i do an 8 its more an 0 with the emphasise against the hair if you get me.
You can even trim up the edge of the wax between knicker line and wax (when it is set just before you pull it off)with very small scissors.This stops the wax pulling hairs that are caught and gives an even line.

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