Waxing during pregnancy


Hi my neice has asked me to wax her upper legs and also do her a Brazilian. I’m kim lawless trained so wouldnnormally start the Brazilian off on all fours. However, just wondering if It’s safe to have her on all fours or if you think it would be better for me to have her on her back elevated and wax the backs of her legs that way as well? If you regularly wax pregnant women would be grearful on some tips. (She is 25 weeks if that helps)


I get pregnant ladies to lie on their side for the back of legs. I don't do brazilians so cant help you with that, sorry.


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I have pregnant ladies in the old fashioned birthing position, with the back of the couch raised a bit and a couple of pillows.

I stand beside their tummy and gently support one thigh against my body and then reach over the thigh.

I turn them on their side in the recovery position with a bolster under the bent knee, for the rear.

I don't see any particular problems with all fours since women may choose this position to give birth, however any woman (pregnant or not) can struggle in this position depending on her physicality. Pregnant ladies can struggle to manoeuvre around the couch and they might not feel very safe, perched on all fours on a couch.


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it is safe for pregnant woman to be on hand and knee but I think better to use laying down position for better comfort for client with leg to breast for the behind side.