Waxing eyebrows help


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I have always used soft wax for waxing eyebrows over 15 years and confident using it! But my wax pot kept spilling in my car or box etc, so I went to my local wholesalers she said use the hot wax!

I feel like it don’t get no hairs out well not all of them! Any tips? Or anyone in Essex who I am willing to pay to help me

Hi when I first started using hot wax I struggled getting eyebrow hairs but it came with practice. You can always look at you tube videos to help. I’m using wax one from sweetsquared. Rachel x


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I use hard wax (non strip) for eyebrows and never had an issue but it might depend on the brand and formulation you are using as not all waxes are the same. We use a polymer based formulation as that heats at a lower temperature so it is more comfortable for the client too x