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Discussion in 'Waxing' started by EdenHinckley, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. EdenHinckley
    Has anyone come across assessors insisting on a set number of wax strips in assessment. An assessor failed my apprentice because she claimed half leg should be no more than 6 strips in total (both legs!). The next assessor we saw had never heard of it and could find no reference to it anyway
  2. CFBS
    I was an assessor for VTCT for years. There was never anything actually written down any where stating the number of strips to use but it is still an indication of a learners overall competence.

    The strips used should be:
    • 1 for front of first leg
    • 1 for front of second leg
    • 1 for back of first leg
    • 1 for back of second leg
    • 1 for both knees
    • anything on the feet & toes would be done with a couple of baby size strips.
    This gives usage of 5 full size strips for a standard half leg wax. So your assessor has still allowed an extra strip for good measure.

    If a learner has used more than 5 strips then the most likely reason is that they are are applying the wax too thickly, hence why they are using 2 strips per front etc..This indicates lack of experience and not yet up to commercial standard. More practice will eliminate this problem and improve their speed.

    If a learner doesn't pass a practical assessment, the paperwork can still go in their portfolio as evidence of a formative assessment rather than a summative assessment (a passed one). Exam boards like to see learners improving on feedback given by their trainer.

    Not to worry anyway, just have another go another day. :)
  3. EllenHyuga
    I passed my vtct college course last June and there was no mention of this at all! X
  4. EdenHinckley
    She redid the assessment and passed but the second assessor had never heard of a max no if strips despite working for same organisation. I too am an assessor but not for beauty. I couldn't understand how there coukd be a fixed maximum as surely it depends on size of client and amount if hair? And surely the Iqa/EV should standardise.

    She wasn't applying too thick as we use rollers.

    Just seems petty and non commercial to fail just on this.
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  5. joe90
    I would also add one strip for clean up at the end of service if necessary.
  6. EllenHyuga
    She probably hadn’t reached her fail quota for the year!
    (I just realised you’re in Hinckley, I’m from Burbage! :) )

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