Waxing pregnant clients?


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I'm 32 weeks & so missing being waxed!!! My skin is so sensitive I literally go black with bruising, I've always been fine up until now, even with my last 2 pregnancies!!. Can't wait till I've had baby to have a good wax!!


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Funny how we all read things differently as I took the term 'enlighten' to mean 'educate' as in 'Let me enlighten you. Who knows!
I assumed that it meant the same, but don't want to risk it without a definite answer from them :(

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Does anyone have any further tips on what positions are most helpful whilst doing an intimate wax on a pregnant client. My sister is carrying twins and is expecting me to wax her right up until she's due. She's six months pregnant and the bump is rather large already and I would like to keep her as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment. Thanks in advance.


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I do pregnant clients the same as everyone else except I don't have the head of the bed totally flat and I ask them often if they are comfortable or need to move or stretch their legs. I do bum on all fours.


I have waxed pregnant clients right up to the day before their due date, including intimate. Yes you do have to take extra precautions, allowing them to sit with the back rest up and providing extra towels to put behind their back e.t.c to make them comfortable. Also keep an eye on their temperature throughout and make sure they are not becomming to hot or cold for that matter.

On my training I was told you cannot wax in the first trimester but thereafter was ok. I too am registered with Babtac so will have to double check but if they don't know, who else are you meant to turn to???


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Me too hahahahhahah


I have asked our director, Lynne Archer about this, who says:

"I have talked to the staff in our Guild membership office and no one recalls advising a member about this matter. Usually all questions that are treatment and insurance related are referred to myself to answer personally. We can offer our members insurance cover to carry out treatments on pregnant clients as long as the client remains fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy. I totally agree that pregnancy is not an illness. However, if the client advises you that she has a history of problems e.g. miscarriages then you should not offer treatment without GP's written consent. Also if the pregnant client has advised you that she has developed certain medical conditions during the pregnancy that are contra-indications to the treatment that she has requested, they must obtain a letter from their GP prior to offering treatment. Waxing of any kind can be carried out on a healthy pregnant client, but this can be a little tricky as the pregnancy progresses as the "bump" can get in the way and the client can be uncomfortable. Pregnant clients must not be allowed to lie on their backs for too long. You really need to use a level of common sense to know if it is going to be possible to carry out the treatment safely and effectively."
Just going through old posts of mine and saw this reply. I wanted to draw anyone reading now’s attention to the fact that it took you over a year to reply to the thread so it’s hardly surprising that no one in your office could remember advising me at the time!

I hope nowadays your staff give more accurate advice.