Waxing problem


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Hi all,

I've had my first waxing nightmare today and looking for possible answers.

Hot wax for a leg, I don't normally use hot but thought it would be fine. I use hot wax for bikini and was doing this too.

New client- mobile service.

Client has 8wk baby and breastfeeding.

Hot wax would not come off skin, in my 17yrs of beauty I've never experienced this. Has anyone had this before and could it be something to do with 8wk post baby and breastfeeding?


Thank you in advance


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Just thinking that the wax may have cooled too quickly becoming brittle because her skin may have been cold perhaps. ? I mean it has been freezing and her leg temp may have been low. Did you get it off without too much skin trauma?
Or had the wax not set because she was very warm? Both could be possible.
Hormones do all sorts of unexpected things, and you have learned the hard way that you should stick to what you normally do especially on women post baby/ menopausal and post menopausal as we are such a nuisance!!
Has she re booked you by the way ?


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Thanks for your comments im pretty sure the temperature was fine, I've never had a problem before

No rebook which is understandable - I sent her another apology message but as yet no reply. Feel terrible. I been a therapist for 17yrs and had my challenges but always been able to overcome them


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Moving on from your bad experience will take time, it's natural to worry even for those of us with loads of years of experience behind us.
Did you leave her in a mess? bruised? marked?
She may text you back if you ask her again if she's ok . If she does I would think that you have then broken the ice and she will be aware that you really care.
I would offer her a patch test with warm wax and strips next time, and then go on to do it as a complimentary trial....unless you didn't charge her for the hot wax, use your judgement on that one.
Best wishes ,


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I’ve had that happen in the summer when the clients skin has been very warm and the room temperature warm. It’s a nightmare. I git air con unit in my room and it’s never happened since. I know it’s not hot weather right now but did she have a very warm house? Central heating on for new baby? The skin could have been a little clammy and the wax stuck to it like glue. Did it not set well? Was it still soft underneath and stretchy? Cold water spray might have helped although once it sticks like that underneath it’s difficult to cool it enough to release it. Plenty more oil or talc underneath may have helped.


Maybe a product failure. Expiry etc or even a reaction with something she had on her skin. Have you used the wax since?