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Hey everyone ,

I’m new to this forum and I’ve had my first (hopefully last) waxing nightmare yesterday evening. I’ve started a home therapy business and I had never experience this error before.

Last night I used a roll on wax and that is normally my go to for a leg wax. The first leg had an amazing finish , the second ; I applied the roll on wax all over and I went back to the other leg to get some bits off her toe. As, I thought it would allow some time to get through it all.

But by the time I started to remove the wax, I noticed it had hardened. It was solid ! To the point the wax strip was ripping off and getting stuck to the wax. I’ve never experienced this before within my 8 years of learning. I had to refrain from panicking ! I tried to apply more pressure and it worked in certain areas but to me, it was just getting messy and pretty unprofessional at this point. So I used the hot wax to remove it and it worked but I was wondering if there was an alternative to remove it?

The hot wax did the trick but may have also ,burned her by her ankle (in the process) so definitely a rubbish end to the night

All advice and new techniques/methods welcomed x
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I vaguely remember using a wholesalers own strips..that they clearly must buy from elsewhere and put their own name on. They were useless and made the job take a lot longer and sometimes do this that you describe.

Try the just wax strips. I find branded a lot better.

To rescue you when it happens just put some more wax on top and go again in small sections. Could have been too thick and need a firmer hand, warmed up a bit first (hold hand over and give it some friction)


The wax went cold. I just warm it up by putting another layer over and then pressing a strip on using the heat from my hand and the wax you put on should be enough to get it to stick to the strip to take off. I always use fabric strips as well. The paper ones rip if its too cold that looks even worse and you have to put wax over the strip as well to get it off lol.... Think we've all done this at one time.


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Thank you so much, I definitely agree with you in regards to the branded strips. I usually use “just wax” strips but they were sold out and I had to use the “hive” ones. Thankfully, that was a one off. x


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Lol definitely one for the books ! Thanks Nicky