Wella burgundy color help please!


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Hi, I'm a new hairstylist, I don't have a ton of hair color experience. I've mostly done highlights and root touch ups so far. I'm new to the Wella color line. I have a client coming in tomorrow with virgin level 2 hair who's wanting to go to a deep burgundy color. I'm going to be doing a virgin tint application with Koleston Perfect. My question is what color should i use to acheive this look? I'm thinking 55/65 or 44/65, however I'm unsure because I've never used these colors before so I don't know what they look like over a level 2. Apart from her virgin hair, She has two panels of blonde in the sides of her hair so i'm going to be using Color Touch, would i use the same level or darker to achieve the same color?

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It would be quite hard to achieve this exact colour on someone with a base 2 hair colour i would defiantly use the lighter shade (55/) with 9% as you want to lift it 2 shades it will prob end up as the darker shade.
As with the blonde panels at the front I would explain it will be slightly different shades and use colour touch darker shade (44/)
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I forgot to say to add in some mixtone too!


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I would go more for koleston 55/46 for that colour with some 0/65 special mix xx