Wella colour choice?

Hey! I’m recently qualified and still struggle sometimes with colour choice..
My client is aiming for these kinda warm colours.. maybe not as much lightness thoughout though.
We are going to balayage.. what would your colour choices be?
I’m thinking maybe 6/7 or 6/3 roots
Balayage bleach pieces
Pulled through with some pieces of 6/97 (5/97 and 7/97) to darken ends
And tone with...?
Correct me if I’m wrong.. not experienced in warm colours! X



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I would use colour touch 6/7 on the roots with 4% and then use colour touch 6/97 on the mid lengths and ends with 1.9% lighten the sections you want as normal. Then when it comes to toning, it depends how it lifts. I imagine it is going to lift to something around an 8/3. So if this is the case then I would probably go In with colour touch 2parts 8/38 + 1parts 9/97 with 1.9% it not very often I recommend using something to tone lighter than the base that the hair has lifted too, but in this case you're only using it to change the tonal quality of the toner.
If this isn't how the hair lifts then you will need to take the underlying tones in to consideration and the target shade.

Thankyou so much! Really appreciate your response☺️ Okay I will do that, thankyou! I expected it to lift up warmer/darker maybe something along the lines of a 7/3 or 7/34 but a base 8 would be ideal! What would you say the target toner shade is? Just so I can work workout which tones I would need to counteract etc in order to get there?
Thanks again x