Wella colour

Looking for an advice
Which of the wella is better to cover to cover light blonde hair in order to achieve a natural dark brown hair,KP 4/0 with 6% 1:1or CT 4/0 with 4%??
For a long lasting and good coverage result!!


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What will you be using to pre-pig?

Fudge orange

Or is better red mousse?


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I’d probably use CT rather than a permanent colour as this will last better. Also use a red with some brown mixed in to pre-pig as the undertone of a level 4 is red/brown.

However, are you sure the client wants to go as dark as a 4 from being light blonde?
What sort of skin tone do they have? Do they want a warm rich chocolate colour or a flatter cool colour?
A straight 4/0 could look very matte and for instance, make a sallow skinned person look quite ill.

If the client has been blonde for a while, they can panic when going darker so I tend to take them darker over a couple of sessions with lowlights to get used to their new look. You don’t want to spend ages doing a beautiful rich deep colour to have them (or their annoying partner!) complain and insist on going back to blonde the next day. :eek:

Thanks for your reply,she has olive skin,you are so right!!maybe a level5 would be better,she wants natural brown!!she said

She wants all over colour!so can i put in the colour bowl 2 inches red mix tone ?

So which CT colour do u recommend level 5, chocolate?

5/75 CT looks lovely,light brunette mahogany brown