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Hey guys I'm
New to the forum but just thought I'd post a photo of a client I did yesterday and my experience with wella instamatic . Posted because couldnt find that many myself and all varied in colour .
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This was on a full head of fresh highlights done the same day, natural base 7 possibly lighter, lifted to just before white as usual . It's my First time using instamatic colours but couldn't believe how even the hair was . This was pink dream Left on for 20 mins and used 1.9 . All round loved using this colour , my only negative is it doesn't go very far and is a 1:1 mixing ratio


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Looks gorgeous. Great to see some positive results with instamatic on here.


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It is lovely.

I love the dimension it has too cause it was done on a highlights not a scalp bleach.

Did you do the foils fine and back to back or just really fine and packed in? Looks like it'll be realllly blonde once it fades!


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That looks lovely, it really suits her 😊 I used pink dream on the ends of my friends hair..she wasn't brave enough for a full head! I agree it doesn't go very far!
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This is one I did with pink dream x View attachment 84396
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sorry its my first time editing and posting a picture :o
It looks perfectly good .I should try this for anew look.
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that is so weird !! just an update it only lasted 1.5 weeks very disappointed :(


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Me three. Two pics of a dog. what's up with that?


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All I can see is dogs
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Hahaha lots of dogs. This keeps happening to me!


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I can only see two photos of dogs !?? Am I missing something here? What's going on x


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Instamatic Pink Dream over prelightened hair - I mixed half clear and have pink dream with 1.9%. Left for around 30 to 35 minutes
How long will this last?