Wella Koleston, please help to find the colour


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I have decided to colour my hair at home with my husbands help lol
After some research I’m thinking of wella koleston plus olaplex 1&2.
My hair is really thin and breaking easily.
I’m not fussy about the colur, my only desire is that I would like it to be rather a blonde lol. I It can be a darker blonde than on the pictures. Maybe it would be easier to achieve? Plus I won’t to have any colour difference between the roots and the rest.
When I coloured analysed myself it looks like I’m a soft summer.
My last visit at hairdresser was 3 months ago, I have full head of highlights ( unfortunately don’t remember the colour exactly).
From what I understand I have to put 2 different colours, one on roots and the other on the rest of the hair. Unfortunately don’t know which colours to choose.
I know all this description is not professional at all, but maybe someone could help?



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Please visit a good colourist or try a training salon/college if price is an issue.
This forum is for qualified professionals only so it’s against forum rules to give technical colour advice to a diy-er/potential client.