Wella or Matrix colour

Discussion in 'Hair' started by L'Wren44, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. L'Wren44
    Hi everyone, just wondered if any of you guys have moved from Wella to Matrix colour and what your thoughts are? Thanks in advance.
  2. Sawpaw
    I moved from wella to matrix nearly 11 years ago . Enough said ha
  3. Hpertzy
    I moved the opposite; from Matrix to Wella (not by choice, I was at a Regis Salon.) I liked Wella better, I felt like they had a lot more colors to choose from and the results were more consistent. However the price has been jumping up a ton on Wella and I haven't really used Matrix in probably 8 years (other than grabbing some SoRed as a booster) so maybe they have new colors and a new formula that I haven't tried. I've been using Rusk for a few years now and have been really happy with it.
  4. JenB
    I have used many lines and been with Matrix the last 5-10 years mainly. I will use a few other colors in other lines but between SoColor, Logics, ColorSync and Imprints I find there are so many choices. Their grey coverage series has expanded and also the Dream Age is nice. I have been very happy with it as my main color line

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