Wella pastels

Out of interest can someone tell me what strength the wella pastels developer is? Been through loads of posts no one mentions it's strength. I have obviously looked on the bottle it doesn't state. I want try a wella toner I have bought the illumina 10/69 kp 10/38 and kp 10/16. I like the Goldwell because of the low strength. Thank you in advance. I tried to delete this so not to waste busy peoples time. So have modified. Googled is 3%.
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I think it's 3% I've only started using pastel since joining this forum it's great!!

Its 2.9% to be precise x

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Yes it's 2.9% x
the Wella Pastel that I use here in the USA is a 6 volume, 1.9%. It is almost the same as The Wella Color Touch gentle Emulsion which also is a 6 vol. 1.9%. The difference is Pastel has some more acid value added.