What are "6D" lashes?


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Having found out A LOT more info on this technique I can safely say I have changed my mind completely lol.

Once I found out that 9 x 0.07 actually only adds up to a .21 in diameter, and I have seen evidence of how they work it out, I felt much more comfy with this idea. Hence organising for Irina Levchuk to visit the UK in October to teach :)

I already offer volume sets or 6D sets and charge a lot more money for them.. I definitely have a demand for it and they are utterly beautiful and fluffy :)

That doesn't mean to say you would put 9 on a natural lash and of course the amount of extensions placed on a Nat lash would depend on the condition of the nat lash x
Thank you for your reply Blinkingorgeous, my next question then would be where do you recommend training, including Irina Levchuk Does this person do one to one or group training?

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I would love to do this training so if you would let me know I would be very interested x

Irina levchuk is Russian and we are bringing her over from Russia at the end of October for training in Essex, this is a two day course but is quite expensive as we are dividing travel, accommodation etc between all of us who are doing her course. There will be people doing the training from all over the country including Ireland, Sweden and france. She is one of the original 6D lash artists.

Ofcourse this technique will filter down into training by others, myself training people included.

When looking at volume, 6D classes ensure that the trainers are well versed in this technique :)

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Has anyone got any pictures of these to show me please?


hippy chick

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They look amazing! Where are you based and do u teach?



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.... , lash express was ‘invented’ to cut corners but make lash extensions more accessible pricewise and again that hasn’t lived up to the quality of individual lashes and now everyone is going nuts over '6D'.

I'm just about to embark on a lash express course with Lash Perfect, I'm only trained in cluster lashes anyhow and wanted to do the lash express course for 2 reasons:

1) I just want to be able to offer a quick treatment as I'm mobile and I thought that I would be able to do Lash/Nail/Tan combos and

2) My eyesight just isn't as good as it used to be, so for me doing very close up detailed work for nearly 2 hours fills me with dread.

But I was interested in your opinion on Lash Express and would be grateful for any more feedback on whether you think it's worth training in??

I'm based in Essex and will be teaching this method from November xx
Please can u let us know the details 9f the course u will be providing or pm please. I would love to do this x

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6d lashes should not be used with 0.07 , you should use
0.05 thickness , I'm using this technique and it's amazing
My clients love it !!!