What are Derby/Nottingham areas like to live?

just thinking aloud here. I have to sell my house next year, and I cannot afford to live in Norwich any longer:cry: so now that my children have grown up and I don't really have any other ties, I'm thinking of moving to another part of the country.

Does anyone rate the Derby/Nottingham areas as nice places to live? I have family in Leicester and near Spalding, so seeing as I've never moved more than 7 miles from the house I grew up in, I'd like to be semi-near to family, and this seems sort of half way. I also noticed there's Lindy Hop classes nearby (I'm addicted, can't go without my dancing:green:)

I think I'd probably like to live close to a city/town but not in the centre IYKWIM? so if anyone's got any advice on the area, please let me know!

(BTW I'm just thinking aloud at the mo, will be possibly looking at other areas between now and when my house is sold)


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Speaking as a Nottingham born lass currently living in derby, both areas have their good places and bad places.

I live in a small village just outside of Derby city centre, which is lovely. Only 15 mins to town when I need to go and schools are excellent if you have kids.

I prefer Nottingham for shopping and nights out as there is more choice. However, areas near both city centres can be a bit rough. If you go just a few miles out of both cities, there are some lovely places to live.:hug: