what do you think has more ash in?

say i had a client base 7/8 that wanted to go lighter with a tint which would have more ash in say a 12/1 or a 10/1 and which would lift more if i only used 9% another stylist told me you arent supposed to use12% on the scalp anymore ( i used to have 18% when i was at college!) and i find you get root glow anyway .


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Hiya they have the same amount of ash tones in them. The 12.1 is 2 shades lighter. You shouldt use 12% on scalp but i always do. if you only want to use 9% then do 12.1 9% then once developed if too golden put a toner on ie 9.1 quasi for a couple of mins. x
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hi what colours do you use?

i use igora royal and i wouldnt think one would have more ash in than the other but the 12. range is a highlift blonde so that would be lighter than a blonde , in the past i have used 12% but normally stick to 6 or 9% and use 12 in the foils
didnt 18% use to burn your scalp :eek:

if your unsure why not do some test pieces on the hair

i think levels of colour do have differing amounts of tone in , and i was just wondering if the high lift would actually lift more as it has the same percent of peroxide . to be honest i dont really think theres much in it . thanks guys

They have the same amount of ash in, as the tone number is the same. the 12/11 has double the amount of ash in. But if it is an all over colour i find the 12 line does give root glow and a very false look, unles you use a toner or colour touch over it after wards. hth


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Hi , if you want to bring the hair up to a nice light creamy blonde without any orange tones and without burning the scalp ,

you could try a special oil bleach especially made for on the scalp applications its called proclere oil bleach
it is very gentle and you only need to use 6% with it ( full ratio instructions are in pack )

first you bring the roots up to a nice creamy blonde
just like the inside of a banana skin ,
(it has got to get just past that baby chicken yellow stage )
but not too white either,

then wash off
and tone with a toner of your choice from the proclere toner range especially made for bleached hair ,
the toner range is safe and ever so gentle on bleached hair and you wont get any grab with it either,
(full instructions are in box)

it is kind to your hair and scalp and does not itch or burn :hug:

but as Jrobinson said never take bleach or lighteners
through the ends of the hair
as it will always get dry and damaged whether it is bleach or a high lift tint

thanks guys ,but all is well, turns out the client had coppery gold hair which was really fine , so i just put 1/2 9.0 (as she wanted to try blend white) and 1/2 9.1 with 1 inch ash mix and 9% on dark regrowth ,matched up perfectly .