What do you turnover a week as a sole trader?

What do you turnover a week as a sole trader

  • £100-£300

    Votes: 122 52.1%
  • £300-£500

    Votes: 39 16.7%
  • £500-£700

    Votes: 27 11.5%
  • £700-£900

    Votes: 11 4.7%
  • £900-£1,100

    Votes: 12 5.1%
  • £1,100-£1,300

    Votes: 9 3.8%
  • £1,300-£1,500

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • £1,500 +

    Votes: 12 5.1%

  • Total voters

Just been browsing and I found a poll from 2008 and thought we could see if things had changed much?
Again votes will be annonymus but if you wish to elaborate please do.
Would be nice to see what we can aspire to or if we are each on the right track.
Average takings.
Hope this works.
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Our turnover is a minimum of £2500 per week and has been £4500 in a week. Xx

Miss Pink23

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A good thread, but it will vary drastically as may be answered by individual mobile therapists and large salons /spas.

Zo Zo

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I think the OP is looking for takings by one therapist. (Sole trader.)

Thanks very much for all the replys and votes, this had made me relax a bit more, knowing im on the right track. Thank you.xx

This is a good poll and very interesting for us lone therapists to see. Thanks for posting!

I think the OP is looking for takings by one therapist. (Sole trader.)
I know where you're coming from but I own a salon and have employees' but i'm also classed as a 'sole trader'.

Perhaps the poll would of been clearer had it said,'per stylist/therapist.'

i am a sole trader with 1 apprentice and 1 self employed stylist. i did have 1 grad stylist too but she left and i will replace her when things are steadier. to give u an idea, i NEED £1000 per week to break even and give me a small salary. i am happy on £1500 a week and have no intention of going over the vat threshold of £280 a day as i want to stay "small but perfectly formed" and do not want to be paying it all to a vat man so i will never be greedy nor rich but just......content :) help?

having looked now at the poll results and seen i am definitely on the right track if you like.....i wonder how anyone copes earning £100-£300 a week even a a mobile stylist / therapist? I had to do more than that when i was mobile as i have commitments, mortgage etc.


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Not sure how it compares but I do between $600 and $900 a week over here in the US


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I find that these polls are not that accurate as there are so many different types of therapist doing different hours and having been in the industry different lengths of time. Someone still building their business obviously isn't going to earn as much as someone already established. Even if fully booked newer therapists tend to take longer on treatments therefore can't fit as many in.

Not a criticism but just to reassure the ones that see the £100 - £300 as being the norm. :cool: