What is the consumer's definition of great customer service?


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Apr 24, 2005
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Hertforshire, England
What defines great customer service and why?

Please give your definition/opinion of what makes you want to either stay with a service provider or go elsewhere. Remember that we, as professional therapists, are consumers of our suppliers but that our clients are also consumers of our services and what we supply.

Please, no company/supplier/ distributor naming, be it positive or negative. This is purely to find out what makes one use a supplier of services over and over again or walk away from that service. I for one, know that there are service providers I do my best to avoid, based on regular disappointments be it personally or professionally. My reasons are a combination of the following:

Rudeness and dismissiveness/fobbing off when communicating or lodging a complaint.

Unreasonably slow service in dealing with a problem/complaint or delivery of promised service unless this is genuinely beyond the suppliers control.

Blame, insinuation and denial being placed without investigation at the customers feet. Whilst I do not agree that the customer is always neccessarily right, I do think that investigating fairly a complaint/issue is important for both parties.

Poor aftercare/support especially if promised.

What defines a very good service of you? What makes you want to go back for more or dump your supplier?

I think it is important to consider that the occasional one off 'let down, does not neccesarily constitute a poor service and sometimes circumstances are really beyond ones control. There can even be the occasional misunderstanding or miscommunication. Where do you draw the line?


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Aug 12, 2010
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Hmmm, interesting subject.

I'm prepared to give any supplier/distributor the benefit of the doubt once, even twice, but usually not beyond that.

Excellent customer service to me includes the fulfilment of promises, setting realistic expectations - if it's not going to be delivered until Friday, don't tell me it will be Thursday, taking on board feedback - both positive and negative - and not ignoring issues/customers.

I like to go with people on recommendation from others initially or from having a really good conversation with a person, not feeling like I'm being 'sold' to but more feeling the personal I'm talking to has the knowledge I need or the strength to admit when they don't and pass me on to someone who does.

I walk away from suppliers when any of the above is negative, repeatedly so. I also walk away when they stop communicating, make me feel like I'm being 'fobbed off' or when they blatantly tell lies.


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