What is your salon Facebook?

Hey everyone, so I've spoken to some amazing people on here! Some newly qualified, some with years of experience, some hairdressers and some beauticians and I just wanted to start up a little business like/follow thread, so basically if you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc for your business please leave your usernames so that we can all follow each other! Mine are
Instagram @ laurenlkemp
Facebook @ laurenshairandbeautyfaversham
Twitter @ laurenlkemp
Please feel free to like / follow and leave yours below so I can follow you back x
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I've just started my new Facebook page, it'd mean a lot if a few of yo could give it a like! ❤️❤️

Hi you lovely lot,
Haven't posted for a while, not had the best couple of years but am getting back on it.
This has probably been done a thousand times so apologies but did try the search and couldn't find a thread.
Have just joined Instagram and was wondering if anyone had a spare 5 minutes to follow me and I will of course follow back as love looking at others nails.
Thanks in advance xxx
tracey091103 (Tracey Reeve)
My Facebook page has been running longer if anyone wants to take a look you can find the link on my instagaram page, gel'd to perfection.
May you all have a great day xxxx


I am newly qualified and this man has taken me on so I want to help get his Facebook page at its best. I've done a lot of work but I would really love some more likes if you wouldn't mind pleasexx


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