What is your salon Facebook?

Hi, sorry to be properly cheeky BUT:) can you please like my Facebook page BestOf British Beauty - if you like what you see:) xx
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Done! Also a quick question, I noticed when I typed in your page name that a 'pages' option shows and a 'places' one, when you create a 'like' type page, is the 'check-in' facility included in this or do you have to create a separate page? x
I have liked over 100 pages, but have got less than 30 back.

Http://facebook.com Liz's nailz - home salon st albans

All likes are returned, and let me know if I don't !


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Please note, you have to like each others pages from your Personal Page otherwise the Like will not register.

Then, you need to check the personal page and hopefully it will show the business page as well. Complicated eh! but worth it.



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Khama Beauty. Please send a PM With your page so I can like it back from my personal page. Thanks xXx

Grrrrr!! My page is:
Emily Marosi, Nail Technician

Please, please 'like' if you like what you see!!! X