What is your salon Facebook?

Have just opened a new facebook page, promoting my newbie nail business. Would love any likes please? xx www.facebook.com/IzzybNails

Thanks xx


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Please don't forget to let me know who you are when you like my page, or it's harder to like yours if you have no details on your profile either!


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This is a great thread!!

Have most of you made a page for your business which people can 'like' or a actual facebook which people can 'add as a friend' ? X


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This thread is fab! I've only started using my page in the last month or so & it isn't really getting much response yet so a boost to my embarrassingly low number of likes would be great :o haha. I'm going to work backwards & start liking as many as I can from my salon page :)

Thank you for the recent likes all replied back ;)
I just realised it has to be liked from my personal page. Ooops. Start again! Sorry to anyone who I did wrong!