What nails are you sporting today?


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These are mine x IMG_20180309_182924_955.jpg


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Fresh brisa gel infills with ink london pastel pink gel polish x20180314_185848.jpg


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First time posting on this thread, but here are mine from yesterday :oops: springfinal1.jpg


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Here’s a few all OPI gelcolor



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Glam and Glits Teresa, Hazel and Cleopatra with Magpie Beauty’s India glitter

Lou slatts

1521994640772.jpeg new nails well about 4 days old now. Used light elegance and clearjellystamper Plate and big bling stamper


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OPI Gelcolor

All Sparkly And Gold
Got Myself Into A Jam Bayala
Closer Than You Might Belèm

Icelanded a bottle of OPI


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Done with Gellux, had them on for over a week so looking a bit tatty now


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Ohh jelouse.I have bitten my nails from the age of 5 so I didn't have any but I've been applying acrylics for about 6 months and I have long nails but two of my nails which I bit soooo bad that I didn't really have a nail are a bit slow in growing but I'm nearly to the top of my finger now so as soon as there there I will not be wearing enhancements any more I will be onaturel for sure :hug:

Can't wait lol x
Have you tried OPI NAIL ENVY? It’s fantastic and will defo help your nails grow x


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Have you tried OPI NAIL ENVY? It’s fantastic and will defo help your nails grow x
Crystal colleen has been absent from Salon Geek for 4 years, but this thread she created is still going strong ;)


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My own :) CND Brisa + CND creative play gel polish. Oh, and bling. Many blingz.


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These are so pretty, what gel polish colours are these?
Thank you! :3 They're not gel polish, they are just Brisa hard gels (neutral pink, white and clear) in babyboomer/fade style :)